Monday, April 26, 2010

Instant Messages from Hendrick Motorsports

Monday, April 19, 2010 at 5:04 p.m.

JG#24: Rick, I'm a bit frustrated with Jimmie.
RH: Jeff, I watched the race. I don't think he did anything wrong.
JG#24: Maybe not technically, but I think he is racing too hard. It's gonna lead to a crash sometime. Can't he at least be less aggressive when it doesn't matter about position?
RH: I'll talk with him. But the two of you need to work this out.
RH: And when exactly is position not important?
JG#24: I'll call him tomorrow. I think he's pressing too hard since he may miss a race for the baby's birth. Of all people, I know how important that is, but luck is going to run out. He cost me this race.
RH: I thought Stewart and Edwards caused the crash?!?
JG#24: I still think Jimmie was in the wrong. He's in on this. Maybe through Knaus.
RH: You think Jimmie paid Tony & Carl to crash you out???
JG#24: It is possible.
RH: Did you hit your head in that crash or something?
JG#24: Knaus is always up to something. And he seems to have all this information. Stewart has a few bad things in his closet. I'm sure Knaus knows how to use them.
RH: Knaus and Jimmie had nothing to do with your crash. Crashes happen in racing.
RH: As far as I'm concerned, this issue is closed. You boys can work it out.
JG#24: Fine. But if it continues, I'll be back to talk about it again. And I'll deal with it on track too.
RH: Give Ingrid my best. And give Ella a kiss for me.
JG#24: I will.
CK#48: Rick, we need to talk about the 24 team.
RH: Chad, what could you possibly be worrying about the 24 team for?
CK#48: Tomorrow I'll come and talk with you.
RH: I guess.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 7:10 p.m.

JG#24: DID YOU SEE WHAT JJ DID TO ME??!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
RH: Jeff, I'm sure that Jimmie has a reason.
JG#24: Rick, he's trying to take me out. He's trying to be the next driver to 5 Championships.
RH: And what's
JG#24: He plans to do it by crashing me every week so I can't get any points.
RH: I don't think that h
JG#24: You need to do something.
RH: Like
JG#24: As 48.48% owner, I think we should fire him.
RH: You're kidding right?
JG#24: No. He's pushed me too far this time.
RH: He's the reigning champion
JG#24: No one is above firing.
RH: Even you.
JG#24: I have a lifetime contract. So I am above that.
RH: We gave Jimmie one too.
DE#88: Mr. Hendrick, I was hoping we'd pull off the win, but maybe next week.
RH: Dale, I thought you looked great out there. I'm sure Lance will have some ideas for next time. A win is definitely on your horizon. Soon.
DE#88: Thanks. I think Lance and I are working well. But I'd still like to work with Chad, if that is ever a possibility.
RH: Keep working at it. I doubt Chad will be working with anyone else anytime soon.
JG#24: Well
RH: I don't think that Jimmie
JG#24: We need a spot for Kasey next year, let's give him the 48.
RH: So you want to fire Jimmie at the end of the Year????
JG#24: No, I want him fired right now.
RH: I'm not firing him now. Or later. We'll work out something for Kasey.
JG#24: Then let's fine him.
RH: Since when have we fined anyone for anything???
JG#24: We should have fined Knaus for all that cheating.
JG#24: See you let them get by with EVERYTHING.
RH: We didn't fine Ray when he was tinkering with things.
RH: To your benefit, I might add
JG#24: Ray never did half the stuff Chad has gotten by with, let alone what he's been caught doing.
RH: I don't think Chad cheats.
JG#24: And I KNOW Knaus has bugged our garage or something. He knows EVERYTHING
RH: Jeff, we share information across the teams.
JG#24: But he knows stuff we've never shared.
RH: You're keeping stuff from the team?!?
JG#24: I mean that Steve and I have secrets that no one else could know. Chad knows them. How could he do that?
RH: Chad does not have time to try to find out your secrets. Are you getting paranoid on me? Knaus is too busy innovating.
JG#24: I think he does more blackmailing and that hides the lack of innovation - and he steals from other teams.
RH: What are you talking about?
JG#24: The only way he didn't get a longer suspension last time was that he has something on either France or Helton. Maybe both.
RH: You think Chad is blackmailing Nascar????
JG#24: I'm not so sure that he isn't blackmailing you!
RH: Jeff, why don't you get some sleep an we'll talk about this in the morning?
JG#24: So you haven't ruled out firing Jimmie?
RH: I have ruled it out. You are going to have to suck it up and deal. Man up a little.
JG#24: I'm having the garage swept for bugs tomorrow. And I don't mean cockroaches.
RH: I'm sure you won't find anything.
RH: I'll talk to Jimmie again.
RH: I'm sure this will all smooth over soon.
JG#24: Whatever.
CK#48: Has Gordo come whining yet?
RH: What do you want Chad.
CK#48: We're still on the same page, right? Nothing happens to Jimmie & I. Or else.
RH: Chad, first off, you and Jimmie are great together. Why would I change things?
CK#48: But we are still on the same page.
RH: Yes, Chad, we are.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Dirt Track Season!

With Easter in the rear view mirror, the dirt tracks in Iowa are in full swing. This week marks the first points race of the season at many Iowa tracks, with the exception of Knoxville, which opens May 1.

So before spring blends into summer, start planning your trip to the dirt track. Need ideas? Here are a few events I wouldn't miss:
Memorial Day Weekend - pick any track, there is usually a special event that weekend
June 5 - National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Induction Weekend at Knoxville Raceway
July 4th - again, most tracks have a special (with fireworks on and off the track)
August 14th - 50th Knoxville Nationals
September 6-11 - IMCA Supernationals - Boone Speedway