Monday, August 10, 2009

Knoxville Nationals

Last week began the annual dirt track orgy in Iowa.  Knoxville Raceway was host to the three day Knoxville 360 Nationals, followed by a USAC Silver Crown Non-Wing Nationals on Sunday.

If four days wasn't enough, tonight was the Front Row Challenge in Oskaloosa, Iowa for winged sprint cars.  Rumor has it Kasey Kahne was going to Osky immediately following his run at the Glen.

Tomorrow night, Osky runs non-wing sprint cars.  Then the Granddaddy of them all starts on Wednesday at Knoxville as qualifying runs, heats and features start.

The Knoxville Nationals culminate with the A Main broadcast on SPEED on Saturday night.  But before that, there are lots of great drivers to be seen, races to be run, and homemade pie to eat. (Thank God the Rotary has the pie tent back this year!  I think I'll gain about 10 pounds thinking of it.).

What drivers will be around, you ask? Kasey Kahne hangs around Knoxville until he has to go to Michigan.  Tony Stewart can be spotted frequently too.  Mario Andretti will be at the Hall of Fame tomorrow (he was inducted in 1996).  Doug Wolfgang usually appears, as does Shane Carson, and Sammy Swindell (he will be running this year).   Erin Crocker is running the Nationals, as is Steve Kinser, Donny Schatz, Joey Saldana, Terry McCarl, Danny Lasoski and many other WoO drivers.  USAC regular Daron Clayton, California ace Tim Kaeding, Tyler Walker and several members of the Pennsylvania Posse:  Lucas Wolfe, Ed Lynch Jr,  Fast Freddy Rahmer, and Cody Darrah will all be at Knoxville this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sponsorship Deals We're Unlikely to See Anytime Soon

The economy is tough right now and teams are scrambling to line up sponsorship for next year. Roush Fenway Racing announced that DeWalt would be leaving Matt Kenseth's #17, but Crown Royal will shift from the #26 to the #17.  However, with even more changes looming in the future, these are a few sponsorship deals I think we're unlikely to see.

Elliott Sadler &  PETA.  Sadler is an avid hunter, and I doubt he will give up his winter pastime so easily.  Equally unlikely is Ryan Newman - PETA, as he is an avid fisherman.

Kyle Busch & Self Tanning Lotion.  Kyle is nearly so fair that he is translucent.  As a hard-core sunscreen wearer myself, I sympathize.  But Kyle's complexion will not lend itself well to self-tanning.

Jimmie Johnson/Tony Stewart & Gillette.  Jimmie recently shaved his stubble, igniting news coverage.   Whether he remains clean-shaven the rest of the year remains to be seen.  Stewart has demonstrated his shaving laziness during his whole career. Can you imagine how long the the PR flack assigned to tell Smoke to shave everyday would live?

Jeff Gordon & Budweiser.  Somehow Gordon's suave aura doesn't bring to mind the partying ways of Budweiser.  Red Wine? Sure.  But Bud?!?

Kasey Kahne & A Dance School.  Commercial to the contrary, I doubt Kasey will be endorsed for his dancing skills. 

Greg Biffle & Whiffle Ball.  Although the slogan is catchy, I don't see "Biffle Whiffle" catching on.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Ford.  Junior's father would come back and spank him.  Although Senior may prefer it to Toyota/Honda/Hyundai...

Roush Fenway Racing & Toyota.  A sure sign of the end of the world.