Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dirt Track Season

Spring is starting here in Iowa - with varying weather from rain to snow; temps from 20-70 and the migration of birds back from down south.

The first sure sign of spring:  in less than 2 weeks, Frostbusters herald the start of dirt track racing season.  

I can't wait.  I've evolved as a race fan from Nascar to dirt track racing.  A strange pilgrimage, certainly, but one I've taken.

I prefer dirt track racing to the Nascar tracks for several reasons.  First, the whole experience at the dirt track is fan friendly.  Most promoters (I'm not naive enough to say all) value the locals who frequent their track.  Parking is close by, and the short wait to get out of the parking light after the race can barely be called a wait.  The other fans are neighbors, friends and family, with similar backgrounds, as are the drivers, officials, and crew members.

Second, the price is right: most cost less than attending a movie at the theater.  And I don't have to buy a plane ticket, hotel room or several meals.

Third, I don't have to travel much of a distance to attend - a short drive from my home gets me to several great dirt tracks.

Finally, there is actually racing most of the time - not follow the leader for hours on end topped off by pit strategy.  It's all out for a short period of time, and there are no lucky dogs!

So, I'm anxiously crossing off the days on my calendar until Friday, April 3rd - the start of dirt track racing in Iowa.