Sunday, March 27, 2011

Death of an Icon: National Speed Sport News Stops Publishing

National Speed Sport News announced this week that the March 23, 2011 print edition was the last.  While the company will continue with an online presence, it was no longer financially feasible to continue publishing.

NSSN has been a motorsports staple since 1934.  Published weekly, it provided photos, news stories, commentary and advertising for all of the big motorsports events.

Personally, I loved getting each issue and reading it from cover to cover.  NSSN contained information on all the main forms of racing: Formula One, Nascar, sprint cars, NHRA, and a few local events as well.  It was a great way to get "one stop" shopping done for my racing news.

Hopefully, the online resource continues to flourish.  Farewell, NSSN print edition, it was great welcoming you into my home.


photogr said...

I think it was eventually going to happen based on this current economy. Most people today aren't even reading news papers any more. The internet is the imformation highway of the future.